Episode 4: The Mind, Body and Body

This professor teaches us about the longstanding power of imagery in pop culture.

By Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele

Experts Featured:

Ariel Glucklich is a professor in the Georgetown University Theology Department. He specializes in classical Hinduism and in Hindu rituals and popular religious practices. He has written several books about India, including The Strides of Vishnu (2008) and in other areas of comparative religion. Over the last decade Glucklich has been researching various topics in the psychology of religion, with a specific focus on practices and beliefs that lead to self-destructive behavior. His first book in this field, Sacred Pain (2001), describes the wide range of religious rituals of self-hurting. His most recent book Dying for Heaven, looks at the political and military implications of self-directed aggression in the religions of the world.

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